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"...This "How to Start & Successfully Run A Padded Weapons Program" goes way beyond what is usually expected. There are chapters on safety, proven teaching concepts and principles, a model curriculum for each rank from white to 4th-level black belt, a recommended testing and promotional protocol, and demonstrations on the proper use of the short sword, long sword, double swords, bo staff, shoto knife, and the nunchaku! ...we consider this a great value considering the program includes everything you need to start and successfully run a padded-weapons program at your school."

- Product Review, MA Success Magazine, July 2005 Issue

"I just wanted to tell you guys that I was just looking for some new drills and games to do in my padded weapons class about 1 year ago and I stumbled upon a MA Success add for your program. I bought a DVD and was extremely impressed. So impressed that I bought 10 more! Now I have completely dropped our original curriculum and use yours. The DVD quality is awesome, the instruction is very helpful, and the curriculum is perfect. It is obvious you love what you do. I just wanted to say THANKS."

- Jeremy Molley - Owner, Jeremy Molley's Taekwondo Plus

"I am so pleased with your product. I'll admit that I was skeptical at first - you see, I have bought other video programs in the past that did not do what they said they would do. Your programs are easy to follow, detailed, and dynamic. I will be ordering more videos soon and would highly recommend your products. Please keep updating me when new items are available in the DVD catalog. I believe you guys are one of the best kept secrets in the martial arts right now."

- Alexander N. Goldstein
- 5th Dan Black Belt and owner of Goldstein's Family Black Belt Academy
Middletown, Maryland

"...the company behind the best-reviewed program ever on starting and running a padded weapons program, has developed a new program designed to assist martial art school owners and instructors in reaching new successes with their classes. Exciting Martial Arts Skills & Drills is a monthly subscription that offers all sorts of variety from sparring concepts, weapons drills, physical fitness exercises, instructor teaching tips, retention tactics, and self-defense. ...The presentation is principle-based, detailed and done with school owners and instructors in mind."

- product review, MA Success Magazine

"I have been most impressed with the quality of two items I have received from AdamLand Productions: the Padded Weapons Combo Pack and the Little Tigers Curriculum DVDs. The flow and sequence of fundamental ideas, the multi-angle demonstrations of solo and partnered technique, and the attention to detail of practical, teachable concepts and methods is professionally presented and patiently explained. Furthermore, your blend of different styles results in effective, balanced, and "do-able" forms and moves that students enjoy learning. In short, the DVDs look great, sound great, and teach great! We are ordering more items and can't wait to start working with our students through your modern martial arts programs! Thanks for coming out with an attractive product line of useful, teachable styles!"

Tom and Julie Knowles - Directors, Collierville Arts Academy

"I can't say enough about this (padded weapons) program. It has far exceeded my expectations. The production values of the DVD's and the manual are very professional. The scope of the program is flexible enough to be used as an add-on program (as it was intended) or as a stand alone program. Best of all, it progresses at just the right rate (challenging but not overwhelming) and still leaves enough room for modifications to whatever art or system one might already be teaching. Thanks so much."

- Steve Beard
Tulsa, Oklahoma